Eddie murphy dating a white girl pros of interracial dating

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“It’s a really great bonding experience for us,” Murphy says.

“It was like being in a band on tour.” And they partied like rock stars.

“At the end of the day, when you’re a small-town girl and meeting people like Madonna and Michael Hutchence and Sting and Bono, and you’re sitting at a dinner with them or on a first-name basis with people like Kate and Johnny [Depp], of course there are gonna be a lot of ‘holy sh—! “I will never lie and say I always felt like I was meant to be there, or ‘Oh, so-and-so is my best friend.’ It’s still like that.” But it’s not bold-faced names she admires most.

When asked who are her American heroes, she says, “The people who are the backbone of this country.

“I was genuinely just trying to pay for college, living with my nana.” Murphy is still surprisingly low-maintenance for a model.

She has no team of handlers, besides the one agent she’s had for the past 22 years.

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